10 things to gift someone who loves the moon

A selenophile is a person who loves the moon !! There is a saying

The sun sees your body,

The moon sees your soul.

I wondered what can u possibly gift a moon lover that brings them closer to their soul. And i came up with this list.. they will surely feel closer to the moon if not to their soul..

1. Dinner under the moonlight arranged on the terrace of your house.

2. Star gazing and moon gazing with a rented telescope.

3. Gift a telescope so that they can look closely at the moon whenever they want to.

This picture is from the day my brother and sister-in-law rented a telescope to star gaze from their apartment window !! Pc: Priyanka Arora

4. Long walk or long drive under the moon lit sky with soft music playing in the background.

5. Decorate the ceiling of their room with stars (including moon of course) and even constellations that glow in the dark.

6. Photoshop their photo as if

  • Walking on the moon
  • Holding a full moon
  • Sleeping on half moon

7. Set up a professional photo shoot at a studio… with moon being the theme.

8. Gift a moonstone. You can order it online as well. It can be made into jewellery or kept as a showpiece/ souvenir.

9. Gift them celestial jewellery. Like a pendant or a bracelet.

10. Get them moon shaped pillows. I got this customised pillow for myself from printvenue.

Keep loving

Keep gifting

Cheers !!

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